Why Robert Lewandowski May Not Join Barcelona Despite Being A Great Player

Robert Lewandowski, a great player for Bayern Munich, simply announced that he’d no more be playing for Bayern Munich. This opens the door for any other club to sign him..

Most clubs, including a number of from Others and England from Spain, have expressed an interest in him. Now 33 years old, Robert Lewandowski will be 34 in a few months. however, his performance on the field is outstanding despite his advancing age..

Liverpool striker Sadio Mane is a choice for Bayern Munich as a possible replacement for Robert Lewandowski, a player of world class quality. There have been several major clubs such as Arsenal, Manchester City, Barcelona, Manchester United and others who have expressed an interest in Lewandowski.

On his own, Robert said he was excited about the possibility of joining Barcelona. But, given the current situation in Barcelona, it’s possible that his aspirations of becoming a member of the club might not come true. The present financial situation of Barcelona is difficult, and as a result the club’s signing ambitions have been hurt.Since Barcelona is in a financial crunch and are even having difficulties paying their players, it’s obvious that Lewandowski will have to take the current state of affairs at Barcelona.

If Bayern Munich and Barcelona begin negotiations over Lewandowski’s price, Barcelona can choose to turn down the offer which Bayern Munich might make. It is difficult for Barcelona to sign Lewandowski because of their current financial situation..