Why Girls Shouldn’t Always Be Blamed For Dating Married Guys — Actress, Peju Johnson

While a few girls see nothing wrong in having s*x on a first date, Johnson maintained that she would never attempt it..”

Peju Johnson, a Nigerian actress, is of the opinion that when it comes to dating married women, girls need to no longer continually endure the blame.Asked to advocate young women who date married guys, she advised Saturday Beats, “I suppose the question should be ‘advice to married men who derive pleasure in relationship unmarried girls’. There wouldn’t be any dating if those guys didn’t ask them out or need them too. We shouldn’t be blaming women for this every time.”

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While a few women see not anything wrong in having intercourse on a first date, Johnson maintained that she could never attempt it.

She said, “S*x on a primary date is a ‘no’ for me. I even have by no means achieved that earlier than and will not do it.”

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The actress also said that the attention she gets from men can be disturbing at times. She added, “Attention from men? Sometimes, it’s amusing and on occasion, it annoys me. But both approaches, it isn’t some thing I can keep away from.”

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On the aspect of stardom she detests, Johnson stated, “Criticism is one aspect of stardom I hate. One can not do what one likes. People believe they need to dictate to at least one. For instance, one could post a picture and fanatics could go to the comment segment to abuse one and tell one the form of snap shots one should publish and those you shouldn’t post..”