Who Will Liverpool Play In The Community Shield If They Eventually Win The Premier League?

According to the English Premier League culture, the Premier League winner is going to face the FA cup winners in the Community Shield final at the prestigious Wembley Stadium..

Liverpool already won the FA cup and the Carabao cup and they could win the Premier League eventually, because Manchester City is presently leading Liverpool by one point. In the event that Manchester City and Aston Villa draw 0-0 and Liverpool defeat Wolves, Liverpool is going to win the Premier League.

Should Liverpool win the treble, they will not be able to play in the Community Shield.

They would then confront the Premier League runners-up, Manchester City in this instance.

Nine teams have won both Premier competitions within the same season since the creation of the Community Shield in 1908.

In 1960-61, Tottenham were the first and faced an FA XI before Arsenal did the same a decade later..