Temmie Ovwasa Accuses Olamide Of ‘Messing Her Mind Up’

Nigerian singer, Temmie Ovwasa, has once more made a few allegations against her former report label boss, Olamide, claiming that he ‘messed her mind up’..”

During a query and answer session through her Instagram cope with, the singer was asked with the aid of a fan if she still maintains in touch with the YBNL boss.

In reaction to the query, the young lady alleged that although Olamide gave a platform, he rejected all the deals and show that she changed into provided. Ovwasa additionally alleged that her former boss stopped her from releasing songs.

She claimed, “That man delivered me to Lagos from Ilorin as an 18-12 months-antique, positioned me on a platform then proceeded to reject each display I got, every provide I were given. Stopped me from freeing songs, saved me in his residence along with his spouse (who spoke to me like I was rubbish in the front of her pals) and youngster inside the name of ‘family’. Put my face on the wall, on an album wherein the ‘guys’ were allowed to be people.

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“He messed my mind up then attempted to compensate for it. I allow it die because I do not enjoy talking to his minions or being associated with them. Why might I be in touch with him? You see all your idols and assume everyone should worship them, but neglect that they’re actual people able to doing actual things.”

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Replying to every other question by a fan who asked, “Would you still love to do a collaboration with Olamide after the whole saga has been resolved,” Ovwasa said she does not want to be associated with men who use their function to harm others..”

The singer stated, “My trauma isn’t a ‘whole saga’. You all neglect that human beings experience things and what would possibly seem like gist to you is clearly someone’s lived fact..”

I don’t crave repute and I do not want to be associated with men who use their positions to hurt others even as cautiously curating their public presence to mirror values they do now not uphold.”

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She further hinted at the kind of humans she would love to do collaborations with.

“Might appear sudden to you but I do not need to be associated with your faves. They are human beings of questionable man or woman and I have no area in my lifestyles for anything that does not serve me. I even have tasted fame, been round multimillionaires and I can inform you for a fact, I don’t rate them.

“I would really like to collaborate with ladies, with artistes from marginalised communities, with nonbinary artistes, queer people; folks that can recognize artwork beyond capitalism,” Ovwasa stated..”