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Tackle Those Painting Nigerians Black On Social Media, Liz Anjorin Urges FG

Worried by the alarming rate at which Nigerians are being painted in a bad light on social media, popular Yoruba actress, Liz Anjorin has called on the federal government to do well to address the ugly trend..”

Anjorin made the call on her Instagram page during the week. According to the actress, following what people from other countries are reading about the country on social media, they are developing so much hatred against Nigerians.

She’s, therefore urging the government to do well to arrest the ugly trend as soon as possible. “The government should do something about the negative things written about Nigerian on social media.

Worst things are happening in other countries but they will never hit the internet with their atrocities, just to safe the image of their countries,” the actress stated.

Continuing, she added: “The poverty that will befall some people and their generation will be so deadly on this worrisome trend.

“Jobless and evil people are the ones who are responsible for painting Nigerians in a bad light in disapora. If I tell you the experience I had this morning, my enemy would feel like living this world..”

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