Suspected Cultist Arrested After He And Others Brutalized And Stripped A Lady For The Use Of Cult Audio In Her TikTok Video

A man suspected to be one of the cultists who brutalized and stripped a girl bare has been arrested..”

A woman TikToker created a video in which she became miming to an Aiye cult audio. After the video went viral, young guys stated to be cultists tracked her down and took her to an uncompleted constructing where they beat her up, stripped her naked, beat her some more, and poured water on her, all the at the same time as filming it..”

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To in addition humiliate her, they shared her bare video on line..”

One of the suspects has now been arrested, activist Harrison Gwamnishu discovered in an update.

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While being questioned following the arrest, the suspect narrated the component he performed in brutalizing the TikToker. He additionally named others who had been worried.

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Efforts are being made to find the opposite men.

Watch the suspect talk within the video below:-