Romelu Lukaku Leaves Chelsea, Fans React

Romelu Lukaku to Inter Milan is actually done following weeks of speculative activity surrounding the deal..

After finishing his medicals these days, Lukaku was seen with Inter President Steven Zhang who informed the club’s fans that the player is returned.

Chelsea likewise confirmed the departure of the Belgian striker, with a lot of their fans displaying their satisfaction at watching him go.

Take a look at some reactions to Lukaku’s departure to Inter.

As you can see, the majority of Chelsea supporters aren’t keen on keeping Lukaku at the club because he didn’t justify the huge fee they paid for his services last year.

According to Stephanie, Romelu “won’t be missed,” while Rola “we don’t wish him well.

It really is one thing for a fan to be upset when a player falls way short of expectations, but it’s one more thing for fans being glad for his departure.

Lukaku at one time given an interview with Sky Italia and stated he was not pleased with his situation at Chelsea only three months after signing for them. He has even made remarks about Tuchel that don’t go over well with the supporters of the club..