See The Very Close Contact Abba Kyari Had With Kogi Governor Yahya Bello Days Ago

While the whole world is busy shouting “Social Distancing” and “No Hand Shakes” Our very own top politicians are forming “Giran“

Now their Egungun has finally entered the express and motor have …………. Now that Chief of Staff of the Nation, Abba Kyari has tested positive to “COVIKK ONE NINE” Many officials should be scared.

I just published a post about the top 25 politicians that came in contact with Abba Kyari after he caught the virus, SEE THE LIST HERE

Now see the very tight handshake Yahya Bellow received from someone carrying the virus 😰😰

The handshake be like, I ABBA kyari hereby infect you with Covik one Nine… now you may proceed to your state.”

See photo below:-

The Governor, Yahya Bello has already self-Isolated himself already, and he hope he’s sound and healthy.

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