A Twitter user with the handle @calliesoncloud9 is already ‘turnt’ following the end of her marriage which she said left her in a better place..”

The woman, Callie Colston used pictures to announce her divorce on the platform and it has gone viral. She shared four pictures that summed up the message.

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The first picture shows her standing beside her wedding dress and a container of gasoline while drinking from a bottle of whiskey. The next was of her looking straight into the camera and pouring the whiskey on the wedding dress lying on the floor.

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In the third picture, Colston stood by the burning dress, her whiskey bottle and the gasoline container in her hands. While the last picture shows her walking away while the dress was burning behind her.

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She shared the pictures with caption;

“Sorry for the picture overload. I used to be married, but I’m better now.”

See photos below;