Popular crossdresser, Idris Okuneye aka ‘Bobrisky‘ has lashed out at people saying he has implanted boobs and hips, and calling him gay, to quit accusing him, insisting that they have no evidence to back up their claims..”

“According to the crossdresser, his sexuality is nobody’s business and if they keep pocknosing in his affairs, then he’ll continue messing with their brain.
‘The more people keep showing interest about your SEXUALITY as if it’s their business the more I keep fucking their brain up’, he said..”

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To the people referring to him as ‘gay’, Bobrisky said they should provide a proof showing him sleeping with a man..”

“He concluded his Instagram post, clearly stating that he’s the one in charge of his life, and will only reveal his sexuality when he becomes a billionaire.
See the post below;