Dele Momodu in his weekly column ‘Pendulum’ writes about the rumors surrounding President Buhari and a possible third term agenda..”

According to him, ‘on a serious note, I choose to believe President Buhari on this occasion..”

I can’t see how he can come out in the open and tell us he wants to stay longer than 2023, after swearing by the Holy Koran.

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Besides as a Muslim he understands man alone cannot determine his tomorrow’.

Read the full piece below…Fellow Nigerians, I don’t know about you, but I find the cynicism of many Nigerians very strange and sometimes distressing and depressing.

If you’re a social media addict like me, you must have experienced the horror of reading some banal arguments on some platforms.

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Believe me, it is no longer funny! No surprise that some wonder legislator has decided that hate speech must not only be legislated out of existence but made a capital offence so that horrible death awaits the purveyors of such filth, not minding the constitutional guarantee of Nigerians to freedom of speech and expression.

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Everywhere you turn, on the internet and even in the print and electronic media, you will be assailed and assaulted by all manner of conspiracy theories. We seem to have all become ‘doubting Thomases’..”