How Guardiola Can Win The 2022-2023 Champions League With Haaland

The former coach of Barcelona and Bayern Munich endured disappointing years in Europe. He has not won the Champions League since 2011 with Barcelona and Lionel Messi, and has not won it again..

Both his years at Bayern Munich and Man City were indifferent in regards to the largest title in Europe.

The one time he came closer was against Thomas Tuchel’s side in 2020 – 2021. That is 9 years back because he participated in a Champions League final. He lost the match to Chelsea by a goal to zero.

He was knocked out in the semi-finals by Real Madrid in 2021-2022. The match finished with an aggregate score of 6-5.

Along with the transfer of Erling Haaland to Etihad. The Norwegian could be just that missing component to Pep Guardiola’s success in Europe once again.

Haaland, as a striker, punishes you whenever he has the chance to score. He’s not a wasteful person. He scored as many as he could obtain. He is tall, strong, energetic and technical.

Could the Norway striker help Guardiola to UEFA Champions League finals once once again?