Chelsea Star Accepts Limits Too Early, Tuchel Says

Thomas Thomas Tuchel would like Ruben Loftus Cheek to boost his confidence by finally realizing his complete rich potential at Chelsea..

Loftus-Cheek excelled in a fusion role of wingback and midfield in Chelsea’s victories against Southampton and Real Madrid.

After suffering from a severe Achilles tendon injury in mid-2019, the 26-year-old is at last back to full strength.

Loftus-Cheek spent his whole career with Chelsea, but still needs to show his full potential on the Stamford Bridge team.

The 10-cap star quickly adapted to a new role in the 6-0 win over Southampton and the 3-2 Champions League second leg victory over Madrid, where Chelsea were still on aggregate.

Even though Tuchel is encouraged by Loftus-Cheek’s style, the Blues manager insisted the robust operator must now maintain his current level.

“It isn’t a question of over confidence; “It’s the opposite,” Tuchel said ahead of Chelsea’s FA Cup semi final against Crystal Palace at Wembley on Sunday..

He has to feel confident in his body and in his ability to accomplish this not once, 10, four, but three, twice, 20 times in a row,” he said.

The next thing is doing it 3 times in a row since he was fantastic against Madrid and Southampton. It’s small steps. It may seem like way too little steps, considering all of his potential and what’s in there.

“The best way is to develop in self – self – confidence and be the player he is able to be.

“Self-confidence doesn’t come from being large and tall and attractive looking. It comes from experience. I still keep impression that Ruben is a little shocked that he is able to do 105 minutes or maybe 110 minutes in this particular sort of position.

“He has to re-impose that. He can get it done in training, however it must be done in games, which are quite different.

“He is not conscious of what he is able to produce, what he is able to physically give,” he said.

“He continues to be in a circumstance where he accepts limitations too soon. He is accustomed to it, and this is where we’re. We’ll keep on pushing.

Loftus-Cheek’s sterling form could just push him back into Gareth Southgate’s plans just before the Qatar World Cup in November.

However, Tuchel claimed that looking at his first England game after 2018 will prove counter-productive for Loftus Cheek.

“I do not want to upset his mood, but the very last thing Ruben needs is thinking about the World Cup,” Tuchel said.

“Because given his past, going through the academy, going many times, many times here,” he said. He was so promising, even from outside Germany and Paris.

“It was always ‘Will he get his breakthrough ‘and he is now a certain age and hasn’t had his breakthrough,” he said.

“He’s still waiting, still awaiting the next step.”

Thus, for him, it’s crucial to concentrate on the exact day where he is. ”

It could be a massive distraction for him to consider what could be a week, two weeks, and months ahead. ”

“There might have been a lot more, already.

Because he is exactly where he is, it doesn’t make any sense to be worried. We talk a great deal about this. He continues to be a gift to be here, he’s still a great opportunity. He has everything he needs to play; otherwise, I wouldn’t count on him.

“He has everything, but he’s heard it for a long time, he’s heard it too much,” he said. At academy, on the loans, everyone telling him just how great his potential is, just how good his future could be.

However the future is just there in case you live up to it now. He has to have faith in himself.

“Hopefully he is able to continue to produce these performances without getting injured, because this’s another aspect of his story,” he said. It is too soon to consider the world Cup..