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Beating Might Still Be The Best Option At Some Points

Beating Might Still Be The Best Option At Some Points

I know you are here to say “is this writer in his right senses?”

I do not condone domestic violence and stand with all victims of domestic violence as well.

We quickly judge human on their actions and never care about what prompt or trigger it.

See a story of Domestic Violence which the initial argument only transparent to the couple, no one knows what the man has been enduring..”

And the woman will never come out to disclose her own wrongdoings.

Once again am not in support of domestic violence.

Read This

If the guy didn’t overpower her and gave her the beating, do you know she might have stabbed him to death?

Let’s take a look at it like this, Lil Frosh won’t be beating her so-called lover like this if she’s not doing something very bad.

What if their case is similar to the above story?

We’ve seen many cases of women killing their husbands, the above points are an example of how it escalated.

Don’t judge anybody, but regardless I’m against domestic violence..”

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