Diane and Elozonam have patched up things and express how they feel about each other hours after the eviction nomination process..”

Elozonam brought a twist to the eviction nomination process when he left Diane to her fate and saved Venita with Frodd as her replacement on the list.

The conversation between the housemates after the intervention of Esther, the current Head of House shows that all is well between the two.

Here’s a quick recap of their intimate discussion after the eviction nomination on Day 50 of BBNaija 2019 Season 4 – Pepper Dem

Elozonam spoke to Diane and she said she was cool but she was hurt a little bit hurt, he even cooked for her yesterday.

He went ahead to explain to Esther because he felt she was cold to him, she told him it’s because of what happened but that if Diane is cool with him then she’s also cool with him. Esther asked him if he likes Diane but he said he wasn’t going to answer the question

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Elozonam told Esther that he can’t tell Diane how he feels because he has to be careful with her, and then went on to explain some things about his past relationships. Elo later told Diane that Esther told him why she’s afraid of any romantic relationship in the house.

Esther told Elo to give Diane space and that she’s going to try to explain things to her. Elo said he feels he has damaged things in their relationship and things may never be the same.

A kiss might have saved Diane – Elozonam

Elozonam during his chat with Esther told her that he likes Diane but because of what Diane said he had to step back. Esther asked him if Diane had kissed him at the Truth or Dare game, would he have saved Diane and he said Yes it would have been hard for him not to save her.

I want to know if I was a strategy – Diane

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Meanwhile, Diane told Mercy that she felt hurt a bit about the issue. And she’s a bit confused because she doesn’t know if she’s just a strategy to Elo.

Later at night, after everyone went to sleep, Elo called Diane outside, and at first, it was awkward between them cos they just sat in silence and stared at each other, but they later spoke.

Diane asked Elo again if she was a strategy and he said no. Elo went ahead to say he wants things to go back to normal between them.

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After a while, they were both pictured on Elo’s bed. Anytime Elo closes his eyes, Diane stares at him and smiles and the moment he opens his eyes she turns to the other side of closes her eyes, he also did the same thing.

Worry less about me but more about yourself – Elozonam

Diane was trying to cheer Elo up and he said she’s not supposed to be worried about him but about herself and how she feels. They locked hands for some time and kept staring at each other.

“Later Diane told him goodnight and that tomorrow is a new day and she hopes it doesn’t affect their friendship and they can go back to the same way. Then, she went to her bed, although it seemed like she wanted Elo to tell her to stay..”