Some Big Brother Naija, BBNaija, fans have expressed anger over the recent action of one of the 2019 ‘Pepper Dem’ housemates, Frodd..”

Frodd was caught without underpants under Esther’s duvet after Saturday night party.

Esther had complained to him to stand up and get his boxers back on but he refused and tried touching her.

This attracted the attention of BBNaija organizers as Biggie summoned Frodd to the diary room at about 2:00am for an emergency diary session.

The diary session was, however, not shown to the public but there is the possibility that Frodd was issued a warning as he returned immediately to his bed after his diary session.

This act may earn Frodd a strike or disqualification just like Ex-BBNaija housemate, Kemen.

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Recall that ex-BBNaija 2017 housemate, Kemen was disqualified from the reality show after he touched TBoss while she was sleeping.

Displeased with Kemen’s action, “Biggie” owner of the #BBNaija house noted that the move was not mutual, adding that his action was an infringement on TBoss’ right.

Some Nigerians have called for Frodd’s disqualification from BBNaija 2019 following his recent action towards Esther.

Here are some comments gathered from Twitter:

@mjooprints “Frodd must be disqualified to teach other people like him a strong lesson.That is called sexual harassment.”

@Njsommy1 “She kept shouting put on your shorts as if Frodd wanted to rape her! Foolish girl. That Esther girl just want to bring the innocent guy down but his God is alive. Thank God Biggie has advised him to go to his own bed. Stupid girl! Loneliness will kill her there. “

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@Flavourtwist “Yes, BBNaija needs to disqualify Frodd. NO is NO. NO is no consent. Sexual Harassment is a huge offence.”

@harmonyisdore1 “Frodd deserves two strike, one for Molestation, another is for been a dog.”

@Man2frayo “On behalf of FRODD shame is killing me here,Grown man with no self worth.

QUOTE:Ability to control ur konji in sight irresistable damsels, is part of ur defining factor as a man.”

@honeyzsleek “They will soon disqualify
this Frodd for harassment.”

@Zahranaija “Frodd just went back to his bed after an emergency meeting with biggy for real trouble don burst.”

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@Hildienene “Frodd might be in some serious trouble than we think.The naked thing under Esther’s duvet wasn’t cute. I hope he’ll snap outta this foolish trance he’s in becase its f*ucking up his game. Everyone including the housemates are annoyed with his behavior.”

@Nobertscofied “Frodd don change bed
Biggie don warn am!

@BoseD7 “I’m ashamed on behalf of Frodd and his family. What kind of nonsense is this.”

@Sharon_oq “Esther will soon slap Frodd one day and he won’t see it as an abuse and even apologize for making her slap him.Fine boy like him just dey fuck up like this..”