Bbnaija: Cross, Pere Suspicious Approximately Nini, Saga ‘Combat’, Set To Investigate

Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye housemates, Cross and Pere, are set to play detectives in order to research the combat among Nini and Saga, and Emmanuel and Liquorose..”

Cross and Pere decided to move on this venture after expressing their suspicions regarding the ‘combat’ between the two ‘sturdy ships’ in the residence.

While discussing inside the early hours of Wednesday, day 53 of the display, the duo determined to investigate the issues.

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It is pertinent to word that the continued fights many of the ships is a prank, in which Biggie tasked Saga and Liquorose to create troubles of their dating.

Unraveling the thriller
Cross told Pere that he is suspecting that some thing ‘fishy’ is going on among the ships.

“We need to parent out what’s occurring between Nini and Saga. We need to determine out what’s happening. There’s something that might have came about because I noticed Saga got here out of doors and went again inside,” Cross stated.

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Pere added, “As he turned into laying down there for some time, Nini left..”

Cross added, “When Nini became now there by myself, he came and left and Nini turned into alone.

“Nini has by no means been by myself on this house for 30 minutes without Saga being there, for over three weeks. I observed something became incorrect.Nini has in no way eaten on this house alone for some time.

“I odor some thing fishy. Something fishy is going on. It is our undertaking to get to the bottom of this, to analyze properly.”

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Sergeant Pere on a project
Cross instructed Pere that he must try and look at what’s taking place inside the house underneath forty eight hours.

In a ridicule commanding tone, Cross informed Pere, “We’re going to analyze Liquorose and Emmanuel, what is the issue there? That deliver is already about to land. It cannot start sinking now. It’s very near touchdown.

Cross introduced, “Then we’ll also recognise what is going on among Nini and Saga..”