Former President Goodluck Jonathan has expressed his disappointment at the electioneering process in the Bayelsa governorship election..”

The former Nigerian president stated that having observed elections in different parts of the world, the attitude of everyone concerned by the officials, the voters, and even journalists was a little bit disappointing..”

Goodluck Jonathan explained that the majority of those involved in the voting process are youths and as such, they should not point hands at the government and older generation if they don’t get value.

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“If an incompetent wins an election, the youths should not blame anyone but themselves for that because the majority of voters are youths. You don’t go about blaming the government and the older generation.

“I got here around 8:19 am and there was nobody here; the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) ad hoc staff were not here, voters were not here, even journalists were not here save for just one person from an online medium.

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“In other countries where I have monitored elections, people get there 30 minutes before the election and it is part of what we include in our reports. I am a bit disappointed with what I see here,” Jonathan said.

He also charged the people of Bayelsa as they go to the poll to elect a new governor to be peace-loving. Jonathan included that “If we really want good leaders, we the followers must conduct ourselves in a way that our elections will produce the kind of leaders we want.

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“Whatever we do in selecting who would be our president, governors, local government chairman, reflects on the society. If we elect leaders that are not competent, we cannot turnaround to blame the government..”