2023: What Tinubu Will Do If North Refuses South West Presidency

Please let’s be liberal and skip being tribalistic..”

In 2015 the North used the death of Yaradua who didn’t complete his tenure and Boko haram threat to assume presidency with the reason that Boko Haram can only be defeated by a Northerner or else Nigeria is in trouble.

The South south used zoning, and resource control and as the chief basket of the nation in terms of oil hence needs to be given a short to rule which will end militancy to assume presidency.

The Igbos are using the Biafran Struggle and Zoning Formula to get into the presidency.

What reason will the South West give to Nigerians to assume Presidency after Buhari?

Is it zoning? (They already had Obasanjo)

Is it Oduduwa republic threat? (Like the igbos Biafra)

Will it be Resource control Like Niger deltans ( but Nigerian states depend on SS oil for allocations )?

What will they used to pressure Nigeria or the North if they betray the South West from having the presidency after being promised to be given a short after Buhari?

Feel free to share your thoughts and educate us.

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